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Are You Being Digitally Spied On?

Should your personal, special and sensitive online files be more secluded than they are now? Should your Files be free from Content Sniffing? Do you really want to be identified with internet ads based on your email address associated with your online Files? Do you store/share your Files on a monetarily free platform, but you pay for this by sharing your browsing privacy i.e. sites you visit, things you buy, and so on?

Plus, if you share files with others you also share your recipient's email addresses; thus, their privacy - without their knowledge - with the ad-based online file storage platform. Are you also required to create a free email address associated with the file storage, sharing platform? At the same time do you feel your entire online existence is being monitored or recorded? If so, guess why that is? It is so you can be more easily tracked and traced, the price you pay for free file storage or a free email address.

In other words, do you feel digitally spied on? In real life, if someone were to follow you around all day, monitoring every move you make, it would be called stalking.

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