DocuClix Communication


The DocuClix communication's Principal is simple: Don't do to others, what you don't want to have done to ourselves.

We do not share emails or phone numbers with third parties and we don't want to send you unwanted emails or text messages. The DocuClix communication options are listed here. We distinguish between transactional and informational emails or text or SMS messages.

Communication Options

Your Email, SMS Address
Your email address is critical to communicate important file or form related information with you while you store or exchange files and forms. In addition, it's important for you to receive premium support.
How to update your DocuClix Account Email: Sign in to your account, and click on the Account link below your email address. There you can update your email address.
Email Spam Setting
How many times have you found important emails to you in your email spam box? Emails or Internet Service Providers many times don't get it right on what is spam and what is not.
In order for DocuClix emails not to land in your spam folder, add the following email to your white sender or non spam list:
We don't do to others what we don't want to have done to ourselves.
As such, we will not share your email with third parties nor will we send you unwanted Informational Communication. However, we feel compelled in your own self interest to send you Transactional Communication. Learn below on what the difference is below.
A Transactional Communication via email, phone or text message is important information that is part of a critical transaction such as your subscription, account your files or forms etc.  For example, when you retrieve your email or password during sign in, or change account settings you will receive a transactional email. When you manage files or forms etc. transactional emails are also needed. As this is in your own self interest, we will not provide the option to opt-out from Transactional Communication, as this could jeopardize the successful completion of DocuClix transactions. Thus, it's important your email or phone are up-to-date in your DocuClix Account. 
An Informational Communication via email, phone or text message serves to inform you about important DocuClix service announcements etc. Throughout a calendar year, you might receive 2-3 informational emails from DocuClix. One or two of these emails might include DocuClix only promo codes that would reduce or eliminate any fees you might have to pay on DocuClix. By default, you are set up to receive informational emails. At any time, you can change the settings from your account preference link.
Unsubscribe Informational Emails
Throughout a calendar year we send about 3 - 4 Informational - see above - emails. If you unsubscribe from informational emails you can subscribe again later via your Personal Support Page. Transactional or DocuClix account, file or form related emails are not included in the informational email un-subscription.
Your Phone Number
Enter your recovery and SMS phone number in your DocuClix account after registration. Sign In to your DocuClix account and click on My Account.
Registration Security Code, Username, Password
Didn't get your account registration Verification Code or need to recover your DocuClix Username or Password? Visit the DocuClix Sign In page. Select the Forgot Password link or Forgot Email link and follow the screen instructions.
Overview of the DocuClix Privacy Policy. Account Export and Delete.
Default DocuClix Cookie setting. Option to change the cookie setting.
DocuClix data, file and form Security.
Get Premium account and application Support via your Personal Support Page or PSP. Work Directly with your personal DocuClix Support Agent. All your application will be stored on your DocuClix Personal Support Page. Plus, we can schedule personal chat sessions with you.
Phishing Emails
Did you get an unwanted email that looks like it's from DocuClix? This identity theft process is called Phishing. DocuClix will never ask you to add or change information without signing in to If you asked to sign in make sure the link has in the name.
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