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What is a Form?

A form is a structured document that allows you to enter data into assigned spaces. Generally, the owner of the form controls the layout of the document and requires the submitter or writer to enter information into the assigned spaces in a defined format (e.g. characters, numbers, checkbox, etc.). Some form entry fields control and validate the actual entries made by the submitter. Forms maintain a level of uniformity that allows the reader to process the entered information easier. Tax, health, employment, etc. information are just a few samples where information is collected and processed via forms.

The DocuClix Form Manager stores Forms and distributes them on behalf of the form owner. File owners can post or place a link to a Form File anywhere (websites, emails, SMS, social media, intranet, etc.). Anonymous users click, complete, and submit the forms by using the DocuClix Editor. The form file is saved in the file owners' Form File Manager. No email attachments, no multiple file versions: only one share setting.

A free DocuClix account lets you create, distribute, or post and share File Forms and via DocuClix you collect them from external Form Links. As the Form File owner, you set the sharing roles with the Form submitter. The Form Submitter does not need a DocuClix Account. The collaboration takes place via one single shared Form File version, without email attachments.

If you are part of an association, a doctor's office, legal or any professional office, or a small commercial or government office, and you have to collect signed forms from one or more customers, clients, patients, etc., the Personal Form File Manager is for you. Simply post the Form File as a link on a web site you manage, or as a link in an email. Once the user or submitter clicks on the link, the DocuClix Editor will open, and they will be able to make edits and save the Form. After the edits are completed by the submitter, you will get notified by DocuClix about the new File submission. If you never create or distribute Form Files for anonymous user data collection, you will not need the Personal Form File Manager.

DocuClix Promotion

During the saving process, DocuClix will prompt the submitter to enter their email address, name, and optional notes. From there, you can continue to collaborate on this Form File. You, as the owner of the Form File, control the Edit and View roles plus limit the chronological accessibility for each individual file submitted. You can also send out an email or SMS request and enable a file uploaded for a time restricted period. 

When you post a Form File link on the DocuClix Pro Form Manager, you will add a small DocuClix link snippet to that link. When an anonymous web site visitor clicks on the link, the DocuClix Editor opens, and based on your Form File settings, you enable this user to edit - or only view - this Form File, sign it, and save it to your Pro Form File Manager. Pro Form also expands on the index entry features when saving the file by the submitter. You as the owner can set up index fields and either make these fields required or optional. In addition, you can set up payment options for Form Files that require associated fees. The DocuClix Pro Form Filespace feature allows the owner to manage a wide range of Form Files across multiple Domains. In addition, the owner can invite members to a Filespace.

DocuClix Form Manager Features

Form Feature
Create, Import
Create a PDF or import the form with fillable or non-fillable form fields.
Distribute the form master file on a website, social media platform, or via personal or mass email link.
Collect the completed and/or signed form from the submitter. The submitter will complete the form online and submit it back to you via a few clix into your file form space. Collect unlimited form submissions via one and the same form master file.
In addition to the form fields, you can ask DocuClix to collect structured index fields associated with the form file.
Collect payments via DocuClix for forms that require payments by the submitter.
As the form file owner, review the forms or index data submitted online. Import the data to other applications.
Upon form review, if you require corrections or additional data from the submitter, collaborate online via the DocuClix PDF-Editor. As the form file owner, you assign, control, or revoke permissions. Throughout the collaboration, you will only work via one and the same form version, thus maintain version control.
Throughout the process form file owner and submitter can communicate via the central DocuClix, DocuNote, and DocuChat feature associate per form. DocuClix will send email notifications about new DocuNotes. Enables you to chat with the file share recipient/collaborator. A green dot will indicate if both participants are online. If one party is not online, each party can leave Chat Notes for review at the next sign in.

DocuClix Form Manager Benefits

Paperless Form Management
Ask yourself these questions: What do you do now to get a paper form signed? Do you scan the form and then send it as an email attachment and ask the recipient to sign it? Let's say you do. The email recipient with the attached form either has access to a PDF tool to sign the form or has to print and hand sign the form before scanning it again, and emailing it back to you.
DocuClix eliminates this process. Once the form is in an electronic state it can be edited, signed, and shared as a one version document. Plus, the participating parties can collaborate online until the form is completed.
Eliminates Form File Download
Let's say you are a professional organization (e.g. doctor's office, association, employer, legal firm, etc.) and you have forms posted on your website for readers and/or clients to download. Once the reader has downloaded the PDF form file, the reader needs to find electronic access to complete, edit, and/or sign the form. If not, the reader has to complete the form manually by hand and offline. Upon completion, the reader is asked to submit the completed form back to you either via an email attachment (see above under Paperless Form Management) or upload the form via a file upload on your site.
Central Form Distribution, Collection
With a DocuClix, you no longer need to access your web site or electronic form distribution platform. Convert and create your PDF forms on Docuclix before you simply post a form link anywhere to either a target audience or anonymous form recipient audience. Anybody who clix on the form will immediately be able to complete, edit, and/or sign the form before electronically submitting the form back to you to your Docuclix account. Thus, there is seamless electronic flow of form distribution, collection, and collaboration in a single form file version environment.
Form Indexing
Let's say you are an employer who wants to collect W-4 Forms from a few or thousands of employees. DocuClix will host for you a W-4 or Tax Withholding Calculator that will enable your employees to not only calculate the W-4 form, but also enable you via an electronic index to collect the W-4 data per employee as a .csv file attached to the W-4 PDF form. This W-4 process now is not only paperless but also has eliminated double data entry for you as the employer. The employee can come back at any time and update the existing W-4 and submit it electronically.
Form Payments
Let's say you are a government agency and you require citizens to submit certain forms that have payments associated with the form. As above under Form Indexing described, you can collect the Form with indexing data. In addition, you can set up DocuClix to also collect the associated from payments on your behalf. Thus, form completion, data indexing, and payment are integrated and paper- and contact-less.
Form Collaboration, Permissions
Once you as the form owner have received the distributed form from one or more form submitter, you can electronically collaborate with the individual form submitter on corrections or if you require additional information. As the owner of the form, you control via the form manager which form management features or permissions you grant and make available to the form submitter. At any time can you disable form file permissions.
Increased Form Security
With the Docuclix form manager, you increase the form file security as form files no longer being shared via email attachments for example or as paper forms. Thus, forms no longer reside on email servers or might get lost in the mail. Form owner and submitter work via DocuClix on a centralized and secured platform. Once the submitter has completed the submission process the form file can be downloaded by the submitter but not deleted from DocuClix. Only the receiver or form file owner can remove the form file.
Reduced Time, Cost
The time to create, distribute, collect, and manage forms will decrease significantly. As a result, the cost to do the same as well. Forms can be created, distributed, collected, shared, and managed via a single application. The owner and submitter of the form are no longer required to purchase or subscribe to various applications to create, edit, sign, or share forms.
Form Version Control
The master form file that has been distributed will not be overwritten by readers. As the owner of that master form file, you can update and change the form at any time and subsequent users will only be able to use this form for submission. Furthermore, the submitted form by the reader or submitter can only be updated by the owner and submitter. All changes are marked in color and can easily be identified. Form submitter and form recipient will always be assured to work with on Form Version, which results in reduction of error and duplication rates.

DocuClix Form File Organizations

Health, legal, real estate, tax preparer, insurance, rental, financial, architecture, engineering offices, etc. all rely on Forms when interacting with clients or customers. The need to share a PDF for review without an email attachment is outlined above. Form File enables that. Either post a form application (e.g. rental application, credit authorization forms, etc.) on your own web site or via DocuClix, then collect, manage, etc. the form submissions centralized via DocuClix.
Even though business of all sizes use a variety of applications for sales, resource planning, etc. forms are still a vital part when interacting with customers, vendors, and employees. DocuClix can either integrate Form Management into existing business flows and manage Form independently for businesses. Review the Form Manager features and benefits in the above sections.
For most Governments (e.g. tax collection, etc.) around the world, forms are essential part of serving its citizens. DocuClix Form Files are the most productive way to collect and manage complete Forms from Citizens. The DocuClix Pro Form File Manager is especially suited, since it also allows for departments to collaborate internally. Data indexing and form payment features are listed above under the Form File Manager Benefits section.
Court Forms apply by region or court type. Form File enables one region or one court type to post a particular form once across the entire court system. Thus, it reduces form storage requirements and it assures that Forms are always up-to-date at the time of collection. Data indexing and form payment features are listed above under the Form File Manager Benefits section.
Membership organizations like churches, hobby or sport clubs, home owner associations, etc. all require their members to either complete or sign disclosure, legal, etc. forms. DocuClix is a convenient, secure platform to conduct form management tasks.
Any educational organization can post or distributes Form Files (e.g. application, registrations forms, etc.) on their own website or post them via DocuClix. The form submission and management is done with the DocuClix Form Manager as outlined above.


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