Sign A Document


If you are not fond of reading instructions and just want to follow your experienced app intuition, then go at it now - after all what could really go wrong you might be thinking - and click:


Sign A Document


Step 1: Click and start DocuClix

  • Then drag the attachment from your device, desktop location into the gray zone on the page where is says Drag + Drop PDF File Here and you will land on the PDF-Editor - detailed features - in DocuClix.

Step 2: Once loaded, in the PDF-Editor click on the left side on Sign (for first time users) and then on the right on Create. 

  • In the Create Signature section select blue or black as your Signature Color and then your Signature Style: Type or Drawn John Hancock style. Type or draw your your signature(s) and Save. 

Step 3: Either Download/Store your document or Create a free DocuClix account to store your document.


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