PDF Editor File Download/Share 

These download and share features are available to all DocuClix PDF-Editor users via the blue Download/Share button on the PDF-Editor page. All these features are available to all users and there is no DocuClix account registration required. 


The blue Download/Share button has the following PDF File download, print, share or cloud safe or storage features:  Download / Share

  • Download
  • Print 
  • DocuX File Link Exchange 
  • Save to DocuClix 
  • Save to Google Drive
  • Save to Dropbox 


 Download will prompt you to select a file storage location on your local device e.g. Windows, Mac etc. 


Print will prompt your printer window based on the browser you are using. If you do not have a printer store the file via any of the file safe options listed below. 


DocuX File Link Share Exchange is a PDF file exchange and sharing feature unique to DocuClix.  Once you have either signed your document or added text to it you can exchange or share the file via DocuX without email attachment.

The recipient of your file will only receive an email notification with a link to the DocuClix file and PDF Editor. The Recipient can then edit or sign the PDF file via the PDF-Editor before sending or exchanging it back to you via DocuX. No account registration is required. 

  • From the Download/Share button the upper right. (button) select in the dropdown: DocuX File Link Share
  • Then DocuX window will appear:

docux file exchange share link

  • Enter the email address of the recipient
  • Enter the name of the recipient 
  • Leave a note for the recipient 
  • Enter your email address
  • Click Share with Recipient

Save to DocuClix 

  • Create a free DocuClix account and save your Files and Forms in a Private File Space. Use the  Sign Up/In

Save to Google gDrive 

  • Sign in with your Google account and store your File on gDrive. You will not find a Private File Space on gDrive as you will have on DocuClix. Compare gDrive with the DocuClix Private File Space. Furthermore, on DocuClix you will be able to edit your PDF files via the PDF-Editor. 

Save to DropBox

  • Sign in with your Google account and store your File on DropBox.

Other DocuClix File Sharing or Exchange Options. 

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